What is API?

What is API? Before delving deeper into the benefits of using API, it would be important to know what exactly an API is. An application-programming interface, also called an interface, is a set of rules that define interactions between software interfaces and data models. It defines the types of calls or requests which may be made, … Read more

How Does the Internet Work?

How Internet Works? This is a question, which many of us face everyday. Today, the World Wide Web has grown at an alarming rate and it has become a convenient source for us to carry out a variety of activities that we previously could not manage if we are trying to do them in the … Read more

What is Dynamic IP – An Overview?

Dynamic IP is a type of internet connectivity, which has the capacity to alter its IP address whenever it wants to. This is done by means of a process known as Domain Name System (DNS). The DNS system is a system that translates a domain name into an IP address and vice versa. There are … Read more

What is Blog Website?

What is a blog website? It is a medium by which you can create and maintain an online diary or commentary about whatever is happening in your life. You can also promote your products and services on this web property, and it has become one of the most popular ways to make money over the … Read more

টাকা সঞ্চয় রাখার জন্য তিনটি সহজ উপায় – 3 basic habits for saving money

habit for saving money 1

ট্রাভেলিং বলেন কিংবা নিজের পছন্দের কোনো গ্যাজেট কিনার কথা বলেন। আমাদের সবার জীবনে কিন্তু সেভিং খুবই গুরুত্বপূর্ণ। অর্থাৎ আমাদের সঞ্চয় করার একটি পরিকল্পনা দরকার হয়। এই ব্লগ পোস্টে বলবো যে সঞ্চয় করার তিনটি সহজ উপায়ে যেটা আমাদের জীবনে অনেক বেশি কাজে দিবে। Habit 1: Save First Spend Later প্রথমে সঞ্চয় করব অর্থাৎ প্রথমে জমা করব। … Read more